actualisation of ground network

Dear community,

As part of revising and updating my DMO’s ground network, I’d like to get some recommendations on the right way to proceed on OSM.

What is the most efficient way to proceed?
A) More along the lines of checking the existing network for incompleteness and patching it out in pieces?
B) Delete the entire grid and re-upload it complete?

If option B) is better, how should the data structure be best prepared/provided to make the process complete and smooth? Do you have a (step-by-step) guide and/or hints what to consider in any case?

Or is there a completely different way that I’m not aware of yet. :slight_smile:


I am sure you well get a bunch of adequate answers in the German forum, where you have posted this topic too.

If you planning on mapping in Germany that would also be the best place to check for local guidelines and community input.

yes - you`re right. thanks!