Access question

How do I tag a track that is not accessible to motorized vehicles except snowmobiles (when there is snow, obviously)? Currently I have not joined it to the highway system (to be sure that cars don’t get routed along it!!), but it really is joined.


In the Finnish forum there is a discussion (Moottorikelkka, urat ja reitit) on how to tag snowmobile routes. I don’t know whether the rules agreed in that discussion are good for you, but here’s a translation:

Type Tags Colour on the map
A route lacking exact info snowmobile=yes Black

Snowmobile routes
Type Tags Colour on the map
An official route, maintained
by the state snowmobile=designated Blue

Type Tags Colour on the map
A “private” route, free of
charge snowmobile=permissive Blue-red

Type Tags Colour on the map
A “private” route, with a fee
for usage snowmobile=permissive
toll=yes Red

Type Tags Colour on the map
A private route snowmobile=private Red-yellow

Type Tags Colour on the map
Crossing lakes (on ice) snowmobile=yes
ice_road=yes A black dashline

The concerning map Kelkkareitit is showing snowmobile routes in referred colours in Finland.

The routes are drawn as “dot to dot” lines with a convenient tag or tags. It is advised not to tag with highway=path, since the routes often run on arable land. Such a tag would route pedestrians to walk or bikers to ride on farm land. I checked some of the routes and none of them was connected to a crossing highway. Maybe it would be sufficient to tag crossings between snowmobiles and road traffic with stop=yes or give_way=yes on snowmobile routes?


Here’s a map example covering a location near Karttula as shown on Mapnik resp. Kelkkareitit. On the latter map the snowmobile route is shown both as a “state” route and as an ice road route.