access=private & Types

Types/Styles are ideal for customizing highways but seem unable to cope with access=private/permissive tags unless I’m mistaken.

I’ve tried several things:


highway=private [0x41 resolution 21] (using 41 as an unreserved highway)

to a ‘line’ file and

in the .typ file I’ve given the corresponding _line (0x041) a ‘pinkish bar’ a la Mapnik.

But its ignored when I upload it to my garmin or mapsource.

Perhaps I’m expecting too much; it would be useful to know whether a highway is private or not when you’re following your gps.

Try highway=* & access=private instead of highway=private
and 0x41 is not a supported line type by Garmin, so try another type of line, for instance 0x07

Thanks for the suggestion

I’ve tried highway=* & access=private and even highway=road & access=private using line 07

and changing the 41 to 07 in the typ file.

Great, it works for service roads , however not for an unclassified road marked as private

perhaps, this reflects poor tagging?

btw is =* supposed to include all types of highways?


yes, * includes all highway types. Did you try highway=unclassified & access=private?
Make sure you put it before other highway=unclassified statements

Many thanks

This has done the trick, the unclassified hw now shows up as private!

Presumably if tracks were private you would put something similar before a track entry.


yep, the first one will be rendered.
Depending how important it is for you, you put it before other statements.

You can also try

(highway=unclassified | highway=track) & access=private

means all unclassified or track highways with access=private tags

Thanks for your help in all this - I’ve now also included permissive & one way roads + bridges on paths/tracks.