Access point between a multi-use path and a local street

How do I indicate on the map, where an access point exists between a multi-use path and a local street. The immediate example is Nature Coast State Trail (node 160312457) and NW 174th Street (node 11060462). OSM does not actually show them touching, but in reality there is an intentional access point between them wide enough for a bicycle or a walker to pass (but not wide enough for a motor vehicle). There is no ground signage, but the vertical timbers/spacing suggest that this was an intentional feature.

How do I show on OSM that these small local streets have access from the NCST ? The importance of this is that businesses (a block or two away along US HWY 19) would be available to those on bicycles.


The simplest is to add “virtual” path to connect the trail and the road.

You can add access= tags to indicate who can pass.