Access geofabrik INTERNAL server

Hello everyone;

Today I have not been able to access “”, this is the “internal” server with full meta data; this requires account to access. For years I have been able to access this server with no issues whatsoever.

I was not able to access this server today, February 9 / 2024. I have tried Firefox and Google Chrome browsers in addition to my own “getdiff” program which uses “curl library”. I am wondering if anybody else here have the same issue; if you do, please let me know.

I did send a brief email to geofabrik, I do not want to complain with their free service though.


I tried to log into the Geofabrik server yesterday, but just ended up in a loop where it wouldn’t let me in.

By the way, it might be better to post this in Help and support

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The best thing would have been to report the issue to Geofabrik (no longer necessary as I’ve pointed this thread out to them).

While trying to avoid creating work for the provider of a free service is a noble intention in practical terms it means you are relying on either the service provider scanning these fora, or somebody else reporting the issue for you (in summary creating more work overall).


Hi, maybe contact

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Thanks for your reply, I did send Geofabrik a brief email; not detailed as I should have maybe.

I see, one of the founders of Geofabrik. Thanks

Hello All;

I did receive a reply from Mr. Frederik Ramm confirming the issue, they are implementing a newer version of OAuth standard.

I was going to wait the weekend out before I send a detailed email to GeoFabrik, but with this confirmation I see no need for any email now.

I do use GeoFabrik OAuth python script to access this server in my “getdiff” program, now I wonder how is this going to play out … we will see in few days.

I consider this topic closed.


It appears that the way we’ve set this up at Geofabrik, we were using OAuth 1.0 and not 1.0a as we should have been; OAuth 1.0 has been discontinued now and OAuth 1.0a will be discontinued in a few months so we’re making the switch to 2.0 right away. The plan is that everything should work as before (you’ll have to use a new version of the cookie script for automated access of course). If we can’t roll this out within a day or two we’ll just temporarily disable access control.


Fixed now! Those of you who run some sort of automated download with a cookie will have to update the client software and obtain a new cookie. Details on Notizen aus der Maschinenhalle » Blog Archive » Internal Download Server now on OAuth2