Accentuated letters

I can’t make a gmapsupp.img with mkgmap (using the latest svn trunk code) that have accentuated letters. All accentuated letters are replaced by a question mark. This is the command line I use :

java -Xmx768M -jar mkgmap.jar --country-name=France --country-abbr=FR --description=“Carte Perso” --utf8 --lower-case --gmapsupp $CARTES
($CARTES) is replaced by the .img files I want to be added)

I tried by adding the parameter --code-page=1252 but it doesn’t work either.
An idea? Thank you. Francois

Pb solved. It was a bug in mkgmap and Steve solved it immediately. Great program and great developers. Francois

So what is the preferred method now? Just add --utf8 or also some --code-page=?? ?

To create the 0xxxxxxx.img files, just “–utf8” is required. Once my 0xxxxxxx.files are done, to produce the gmapsupp.img file, I use --code-page=1252. But it could matter to add that I use the latest svn code. Hope that helps, and thank you for the quality of that forum Lambertus. A great help. Francois