Absurd movement of the icons

Hi, when a save a favorite mark, some times i need use the arrow simbol with a concret direction, but then when I go to visualize the symbols I see that they are all in the wrong direction because when I rotate the map, the symbols also rotate, this is completely absurd, is there any way to remove it?

Where in www.openstreetmap.org are there “favorite marks”?

Personal marks.

And where are the “personal marks”?

know how resolve the problem? Yes, no? then if no, not ask unnecessary questions.

I suspect the other people here do not know what app (or website, framework or other piece of software) you are talking about. There are hundreds of apps using OpenStreetMap data, so it’s not always obvious.

Of course, it’s possible that someone is able to recognize the app from the image, but I suspect that you would be more likely to get helpful answers if you include the name of the app you’re talking about.

Thanks for you reply

The app is OSM (Open Street Maps) for Android.

Anyway, i think that they are boring people and they are asking question just not serious, in many forums happend the same.

A search of the Play Store brings up nothing by that name.

In any case, OSM is a database, and doesn’t provide apps. Other people provide apps, and the better ones will have support channels. If you have questions about the database, this is the place.

for the record I’m not boring and want to help you but if you don’t give us the proper name of the app we can’t help you.
This board is for the OSM and not for the many apps that are working with the OSM, but we can always try :slight_smile: