About the Style Control of Rail Track Line

Dear All,

I was wondering if anyone knows how to make the rail track line darker on the base map layer by using OperLayers library or regenerate the tiles. I use the code below to add base map layer:

var baseLayer = new OpenLayers.Layer.TMS("OSM Map",
                    type: 'png', 
                    getURL: getTileURL,
                    isBaseLayer: true, 
                    opacity: transparent



The map is rendered by mapnik, not openlayers. You can use openlayers to draw on top of the map but that requires a lot of know how (it’s easy though). Take a look at the code for the export tab on the website.

Hi Emj,

Thanks for your reply.

So the solution to my specific request is to add a customized layer that contains darker rail line by using OperLayers library? I guess this way may slow down layer display during loading.

Would you possibly have another idea? It will be really great if the rail line (on the tiles created by Mapnik) is a object that has programming interface.



Well, I wouldn’t call it a solution. :slight_smile: There is too much work involved in getting that to work. you need:

  1. simplification of the maps to make low zoom feasible
  2. code that render ontop of OL.
  3. a new server that can handle all this.
  4. really fast clients.

Of course this isn’t that big of a deal if you realy want to do it, just go to getafreelancer and ask to see if some one will code it for you.

That won’t happen very soon, perhaps if someone write a fast flash map renderer. But I doubt it… It’s actually doable but I haven’t seen anyone pulling it off, there is probably a huge amount of low level Flash coding involved.

Thanks Emj,

You have helped me answer my question. I really appreciate it.