About tags on toll collection points other than road tolls...

(Please understand that English is not my native language.)

In the case of the ‘barrier=toll_booth’ tag, the wiki documents says ‘As the charge needs to be in relation to using the road, the tag should not be used for places collecting parking or admission fees’. And in such places, ‘barrier=lift_gate’ and ‘fee=yes’ should be used instead of ‘barrier=toll_booth’.
However, in many places you can already see ‘barrier=toll_booth’ in almost all tollgates.
I’m not fluent in English, but isn’t it called ‘toll’ for parking fees in English-speaking countries?
For example, isn’t it called ‘toll’ the money the driver pays for using the parking lot?
A place that collects money that is not related to ‘traffic’ can be called ‘ticket box’. If so, what is a place that collects a fee at a parking lot in English?

Ref. https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?query=toll+booth

What do you think? Or am I understanding it wrong?

There is a amenity=ticket_validator newly “approved” for parking fee at gate.

Thank you.
It’s a bit different from the problem I was trying to solve, but this was also what I needed.

Perhaps because of the commonality of giving and receiving without getting out of the car, many people understand that ‘toll’ is not ‘money given or received in exchange for a ride’, but rather a general fare (paid while sitting in the car).
Or, it may be because of the language habits of non-English speakers or non-orthodox English speakers who confuse ‘toll’, ‘charge’, ‘rate’, and ‘fee’.

If you are confused about the meaning of my words, let me ask you this question.

  1. Is it okay to use a ‘toll booth’ or a ‘ticket booth’ to receive payment for parking lot use?

  2. In the case of an admission fee for using a certain facility, not for passing, shouldn’t it be clearly stated that the ‘ticket booth’ should be used even if the payment is made without getting out of the car?