about tagging zones of an area


what you think about the following proceeding for tagging zones of an area.
Following is usable for OSM?

First: in my view it would be logic, to ticket a relation with name (“name=Zone *”) etc. and make it by a further parent relation to a zone (“name=Area X”).
But “Disadvantages”:

more complicate for user (has to get along with parent & child-stuff, non-named lines/ways)

bad rendered in Mapnik (double drawing lines, names inappropriate placed)

so I would propose:

Linien/Ways get a zone-namen

  • name=Zone * (Area X)

Relation-areas (outer/inner-role, object) get a zone-tagg and typ-tagg

  • boundary=protected_area
  • protect_class=2
  • type=multipolygon
  • site_zone=*

the collective outer border gets a further relation with the main-area name

  • boundary=protected_area
  • protect_class=2
  • type=multipolygon
  • name=Area X

a propose by “Martin”:
for ticketing the zones (site_zone), there can be introduced further differentiated taggs like:

if common usings

  • buffer_zone=*
  • habitat_buffer_zone=*
  • catchment_zone=*
  • water_catchment_zone=*

if contamination

  • utilisation_zone=*
  • noise_exposure_zone=*
  • emission_zone=*
  • industrie_emission_zone=*
  • traffic_emission_zone=*

the values might be mostly numbers.

regards, c.