About parking spaces for personal mobility devices

First, read ’ Feature Proposal - RFC - “scooter” type (electric) vehicles’ for a definition of “personal mobility device” and tagging keys.

I know that personal mobility devices are being used a lot and parking spaces are being created for them.
Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything about parking spaces for personal mobility devices in the OSM wiki, and I didn’t find anything similar in this community.
As a similar example, bicycles have a key that marks a bicycle parking space.
Nowadays, there are many different types of personal mobility devices, and it would be nice to have a key to group them together and mark them.
Personally, I think we should also consider grouping bicycles together, and identifying the type of mobility device in the details.
What do you guys think?

  1. If you know of any keys for parking personal mobility devices, we’d love to hear about them.
  2. if there is no such key, I’d like someone to start a discussion.
    2-1. whether or not we should group personal mobility devices together and have a key.
    2-2. How to categorize the types of devices in the key, including bicycles, and how to create a key…

Thank you.

To add a little bit more, I think we should also consider lumping bicycles together, because the types of personal mobility devices are getting more and more diverse and their characteristics are getting mixed up.
Anyway, I was hoping that someone would try to categorize and divide the characteristics of motorcycles, e-motorcycles, bicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters, kick scooters, and so on.

There were a few ideas on the discussion page of the proposal you linked: Proposal talk:ElectricScooters - OpenStreetMap Wiki

Same as you, I would prefer one common tag for all these parkings. Nevertheless, dedicated tags are already used:



Obviously these don’t fit for cases for shared parking between different types of vehicles. I don’t think we should try to deprecate amenity=bicycle_parking, but one additional tag like amenity=small_vehicle_parking would be quite helpful.

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At 659K uses per TagInfo that’d be an ‘out of left field’ action. Frankly, I’ve only ever seen such features at ancienity centers (seniors homes), just a general outlined area where multiple vehicles of this type fit i.e. parking_space=disabled in a pedestrian designated zone.


I had a look at the keys in use in the UK and Ireland for e-scooter rental etc. and came up with this list. There may be different keys and values in use elsewhere of course - the regional taginfo instances at Geofabrik might help analyse those.

I think that that’s something else - in English called “mobility scooters”. Rental places for those in the the UK do exist, for example Shopmobility. However, I’m guessing that this thread is about e-scooters rather than mobility scooters?

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We have in the law a category “gehandicaptenvoertuigen” disabled_vehicle and subcategory motorized and non_motorized. The above mobility scooter is a part of this group, the hierarchy, also a electric wheelchair and a nonmotorized wheelchair.

This need a good hierarchy tagging.
That you can set a traffic_sign prohibition with one key/value, direct tagging, so that there is no opposite tagging necessary. Be avoided.

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