Ability to overlay a GPX route/ file onto the map so i can trace a new path that hasnt been recorded

I have been on a ride in my local woods and found some trails that have not been recorded on the map. When you put the map into satelite view the trees hide the precise path so i am unable to draw an accurate line. It would be extremely helpfull if there was a way to overlay a GPX of my route so i can trace certain parts of it in the forest

I assume you are using the iD editor.

  • Click
    on the right side of map

  • Click “…” next to “Custom Map Data”

  • Click “Choose File”

  • Select your .gpx file


… or just drag and drop the file, I think?

A single GPX from under trees is not that accurate. Such paths are often visible on LIDAR / DTM / ALS layers. There is also New Strava Heatmap Extension for iD for which you will need a strava login (gratis) where you can see what other peoples GPS’ recorded :slight_smile:

PS: There is no link to Strava Global Heatmap on the landing page. For your convenience. When logged in, the overlay comes with higher resolution.

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