A tag for green area inside the block


I’ve tried to search the forum and read the wiki, but found no solution for my problem.

I’ve encountered an issue related to tagging of the green area inside blocks (landuse=residential or even landuse=industrial). These green areas (which are not parks) may consist of different combinations of grass, flowerbeds, trees and bushes. There are different tags used for this green areas and it seems that there is no tag that fits the object.

often used tags:

“leisure=common” - seems that this tag has sense only for UK. In Russia for example you are usually not allowed to walk through green areas (or walk anywhere at least).
“landuse=grass” - is not appropriate because of there are trees or bushes too at the green areas
“leisure=garden” - somewhat appropriate because garden might consist of grass, flowerbeds, trees, bushes, and is managed, but these green areas are not literally gardens.
“nature=wood” - I think that this is a mistake to use this tag for green areas inside blocks just because these areas are man-made and managed.
“landuse=forest” - is a mistake because green areas clearly are not forests.

Currently I use “leisure=garden” tag as a temporal solution, but I was already contacted by other OSMers and asked to use more appropriate tag, which unfortunately they were unable to propose.

Seems that there is a special tag needed. Is that so? Which tag should be used?

My twopennorth, perhaps natural=scrub would fit some of your problem areas?


Unfortunately, “natural” tags are not applicable - my areas are man-made and managed. Any other ideas?