a list of all features in the OSM data in israel

I’m looking for a list of all the features in the OSM data in israel
for example:

  • roads
  • buildings
  • street name
    If anyone knows about one please let me know
    thank you very much


It is very hard to know what features exist in the OSM data for a couple of reasons:

  • Tags are defining the nature of a point (node), a line (way), and a collection (relation) in OSM and anyone can enter any tag in the map.
  • Even with well-known tags, it is hard to know how well does it capture all such entities.

Someone may be able to write a program that collects all tags from the OSM data for Israel.

thanks a lot
so if I want to bulid a custom map, how can I know what data I can get from OSM?

The question is what do you need and what data you can use.
Openstreetmap is fully open and you can get EVERYTHING without any exception!
Everything that you can see in Mapnik (openstreetmap.org) is available for you to use.

OSM Israel uses the same tags as all other countries worldwide in OSM and its made like wikipedia.
Everybody can add new tags or specify them differently. The most tags are standardized to make sure all readers can use them.

So what would you like to show to your users and in what language.
The only difference between Israel and other country is the usage of the name and name:he tag for Hebrew and name:en for the translation in English.
The rest is equal all over OSM.

If you could be more concret we could give you a bit more details.

I’m new in the field and I’m trying to set up an web page with a map. and I want to be able to display and filter differente leyars
So I will love a bit of guideness. If you can direct me to a good torturial or something alse, I will very thankfull/

I fully agree. Moreover, the map also has things you don’t see Mapnik, such as Israel Hiking Trails, Marine Navigation Map, and more.

I suggest you start with the default Mapnik information, decide what you don’t what to show, and look for thing you need that are not there.

How can you show hiking paths on the map?

I have a problem understanding the question. OSM is a huge database from which maps can be created.

The Israel Hiking Trails site is an example where the data from OSM is used to show the hiking trails.

There are many ways to create maps. See Github for instructions on how to create the Israel Hiking Trails map by yourself and links to map downloads.