A distinct lack of Translink bus stops and routes on OSM

Hi folks,
currently, the amount of Northern Irish bus stops and bus routes present on OSM is pretty woeful.
There is reasonably good coverage of the ‘Citybus’ (or ‘Metro’ as they’re known these days) routes and stops in Greater Belfast, but ‘Ulsterbus’ coverage is hopeless.

I notice that this exists: Translink Bus Stop List - data.gov.uk - data for all the bus stops! with an Open Government Licence.

Are there no wizards who could import this into OSM?
Or is there there some issue that had prevented that happening before now?

Well, I didn’t get much traction on this post :sweat_smile:

However, having now entirely manually added a few Ulsterbus routes to OSM, I think frankly Translink’s open data is a shambles that’s much more trouble than it’s worth!

On some of the routes I’ve dealt with, something like a quarter of the bus stops have a noticeably incorrect position in the data (like, by about half a mile, at completely the wrong road junction in the worst instance!) and the names of the stops in the data are often completely different to the names printed on the actual bus stops.
It amused me that Google Maps seems to have imported Translink’s data without doing any quality checking, so merrily displays all these misnamed and wrongly positioned stops.

Looks to me like manual work on this data is going to have to be the way to go for now.
So far I managed to add Route 26 (Lisburn - Dromara) Relation: ‪Lisburn - Dromara‬ (‪16365775‬) | OpenStreetMap,
Route 300 (Belfast - Belfast International Airport) Relation: ‪Airport Express: Belfast International - Europa Buscentre‬ (‪16513965‬) | OpenStreetMap
and Route 109-ish (Lisburn - Belfast International Airport - Antrim) Relation: ‪109‬ (‪16561838‬) | OpenStreetMap
They look quite nice on the OSM Transport layer :innocent:
(A pity the OPNVKarte layer seems to be defunct :frowning: )

I have been happily pottering about, slowly adding various Ulsterbus routes to OSM.

I notice they are still not rendering on the OPNVKarte layer though (despite showing fine on OSM Transport)

I can’t work out whether this is due to me doing my tagging all wrong, or OPNVKarte is just defunct and not updating any more. (A thread on these very forums suggested the latter, but the fact that the bustops I added have shown up, but not the routes, suggest the former).

This is the relation for the No.600 Translink shuttle bus from Belfast City Centre to Belfast City Airport… Relation: ‪600‬ (‪16674931‬) | OpenStreetMap