403 Forbidden : Host blocked

I get a 403 - Forbidden Error when downloading an area of 0.7*0.5 degrees size above Frankfurt a.M.
Since this area has many high node density spots in it I have to split it into about 80-100 subareas to download it via the API. I guess those many requests have lead to a blocking of my IP adress.

Does anybody know who to contact to get my IP unblocked?

Yours faithfully,


P.S. I tried to contact TomH but it seems he doesn’t want to receive any mail.

Suggest you ask on IRC. http://irc.openstreetmap.org/

Have you found the person we can talk to? Was banned too… ((

Next time, try using the XAPI.

I understand, I certainly will. I do a mapping work too, not only downloading, so will be glad to get my IP unblocked if it is possible.