403 Forbidden error - api.openstreetmap.org

I am setting up OSM Composer v0.60 and have selected a small region to download. It is returning a 403 Forbidden error on each request to OSM. I’ve tried from 2 different locations today, so I don’t think I am being blocked. I have also tried the request in a browser and get the same 403 error. This is the request:

Is the api down, or is it not supporting Composer at this time?

Thanks for any help.


You are using the old 0.5 api. Try http://api.openstreetmap.org/api/0.6/map?bbox=-122.6673,47.295807,-122.617294,47.345806 instead

Thanks for the help. That URL works in a browser. Unfortunately, OSM Composer seems to have the “/api/0.50” hard coded in the application. I do not see anything that will allow me to change that part of the URL. Does anyone have any idea how to change the api url in Composer? Or is version 0.60 of Composer now obsolete?

Thanks, Doug


I guess you could try the German version which is at v0.77

Have you tried downloading the data to a file then feeding that file to OSM Composer? OSM Composer might be able to read v0.6 osm data from a file even if if can’t use the api to download it.

I also get a 403 - Forbidden Error when downloading an area of 0.7*0.5 degrees size above Frankfurt a.M.
Since this area has many high node density spots in it I have to split it into about 80-100 subareas to download it via the API. I guess those many requests have lead to a blocking of my IP adress.

Does anybody know who to contact to get my IP unblocked?

Yours faithfully,


P.S. I tried to contact TomH but it seems he doesn’t want to receive any mail.