Strange the shape orientation for roof seeing with josm Plugin Kenzie versus F4
examples these are two houses split in the middle…
Why are these not the same??? Who is doing the correct rendering ?
Because plugin is for creating I will go for F4 render but hard to do must wait 24 hours to see if its OK.
Is the out a other 3D viewer that show roofs also?
OSMgo25 not…

adding windows/door/garage doors did find the tag or method to do…

Could you show the building on the map?

have been working on it …

Tried it in blender-osm (see the link in my signature) and it looked ok.
I would designed it differently: as a single building with two addresses.

Some of the house I still want to do like I already did, the left from the right are in different material. Also these row blocks with 4 to 5 units are one unit this color bricks and the other color bricks and some concrete plaster.
https://demo.f4map.com/#lat=50.7971668&lon=3.1850397&zoom=20&camera.phi=88.407 (not rendered yet.)