3D world generation for bicycle simulation (with CityEngine)

Hi, for a 3D simulation Proof of Concept I want to visualize what a specific bicycle route looks like in a city (Geel in my case). For this purpose I need to have:

  • All available road details to (hopefully) extract the road geometry including bicycle path, lane divider graphics, road dividers (if any), parking area next to road and curb.
  • Road crossing details like ‘pedestrian islands’, traffic lights, zebra crossings,…
  • Plot and buildup data to define buildings with height + roof type and their front/back yards. Building purpose (apartment, offic, private house, bar, religious, …)
  • All bicycle traffic signs and bicycle path graphics
  • Open spaces like parking areas (public and non-public), sport fields, parks (with vegetation type and veg distribution type if available)
  • Waterways, lakes, pools…
  • Woodlands and agricultural surfaces with vegetation type
  • Bridges and tunnels
  • Road/traffic splines to use as guides for the 3D simulation PoC
  • Train/Tram/Bus specific traffic information (lanes, rails)

I want to generate the 3D model with ESRI’s CityEngine. Does anyone have experience with this? I’m new to OSM (and to QGIS which I’m also using as a data viewer) so any noob information/links are very much appreciated.

Many thanks, Erwin

Erwin, as I pointed out on the help-site, the best place to meet Belgian mappers, is the mailing list. This forum is pretty dead. Only a few people are keeping an eye on it and try to guide newbies to the mailing list.

There is not a lot of programming going on in Belgium yet. But I have the impression is changing. But still most members on the Belgian mailing list are mappers. That is people that add data.

Did you see my links on the help forum ? I really recommend to come to one of the meetups or the mapping party in Brussels to learn more about the project, though not necessarily on 3D programming. For that your best choice is the 3D forum here. Or perhaps the developers forum. There is also a mailing list for developers. Don’t know that one really.

As for the data, let me describe a bit what you can expect from OSM.

  • All available roads
    This is not a problem, also the road geometry should be OK.
  • Bicycle paths
    Those can be drawn as a separate path, but also a a tag (cycleway=lane/track) on the main road.
  • Lane divider graphics
    Since April last year, I’m working on adding lane and turn lane tags on roads. But this is far from complete. If you wish I can focus on Geel for awhile.
  • parking areas next to the road
    They are hardly mapped so far
  • curbs
    Almost never mapped
  • road crossing details
    Most mappers only add highway=crossing. crossing=island is possible, but you won’t see that too much.
    Traffic lights, are mapped, but not on the exact position, only as a tag on the crossing of the 2 road. A few variants are possible.
  • Traffic sign
    Normally not mapped, only the result of it on the way (e.g. bicycle=yes)
  • Open spaces, sport fields
    Are mapped, type of vegetation is possible, but not done yet in Belgium I think
  • waterways, lakes, pools
    not problem, exact for smaller streams or ditches, although this depends a bit on the area
    -bridges, tunnels
    are mapped as attributes on the way, but since half a year or so I’ve been mapping the bridges structure. I haven’t seen this from other mappers though
  • road/traffic splines
    don’t know what you want here
  • train/tram/bus
    the rails are mapped. though sometimes tramrails are mapped are attribute on the road. all bus stops are mapped and most bus routes in Flanders.
  • 3D Buildings
    I’ve done some, but I doubt this is done in Geel.

It would al be easier to show and explain face-to-face

As you see a lot of data is not there yet, but a lot is there. We could organise a mapping party to make the data in Geel more complete. This is an event where people come together and collect data around a topic and add that to the map.

Feel free to ask more information. We hope we can help you as a community



No experience with CityEngine. What kind of project are you working on? It sometimes helps to describe your goals if you want help from someone in the community… :slight_smile:

Marc is right about most of us being mappers but a lot of us are also working on various project related to OSM. Oh and the link to the mailinglist i’m sure marc forgot to post :slight_smile:




I posted the link on his question on the help-site. didn’t repeat it here :slight_smile: