3d tags featuer matrix

months ago I started creating a page to get some overview on the usage of specific 3D related attributes: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/3D_Development/Tagging

In a first towards the upcomming 3D Dev weekend in 2012 I would like to transform this informations into some table, to make it easier to see, how the coverage of a specific tag is. Of course this doesn’t say anything about it’s interpretation nor the spectrum of it’s values.

Everybody ok with that? Willing to provide further informations?

I think it would make more sense to create subpages with one feature matrix on each, separated by topics. Possible topics could be

  • height-related attributes, i.e. the various [building:]height, height, min_height, [building:]roof:height, …, maybe including the building:levels, min_level, … tags

  • color/material attributes

  • roof mapping concepts

and so on.

Limiting each page to one topic would allow us to go into more detail and include lists of supported values, and - where they exist - different interpretations of the same tag. (Do height/levels include underground parts of the building, how should they be interpreted for buildings that are not on flat ground, etc.) Of course the pages should also link to the relevant proposals and include taginfo counters.

Maybe after creating a page like that some relatively trivial aspects can already be clarified online before the Dev weekend. Only those questions that need to be discussed in more detail would even remain open until the Dev weekend, so we could make more efficient use of the available time then.

Yes Tordanik, exactly this is my intention :slight_smile:
But on the other hand I guess it would be good to have an overview (so all on one page first) about what tags are in use. I try to split in some different aspects, as
I guess this is a more convenient way for mappers, that like to know what kind of 3D attributes a specific object can get. For us it’s a good reminder/catalogue to keep the combinations and mixes in mind.
But again, this is just how I would like to start, of course we can alter it at any time, when we see this representation lacks in some aspects :slight_smile:

Please help us by adding the tags your tool understands.