3D rendering of courtyards on many parts office complex

Been working on and off at a large tax office complex, today adding a top layer (light grey) and courtyards (1-8), some just cut-outs of building part edges and some at center of a building element so actually formatted as a multipolygon (parts 2 & 3). The only tag added was man_made=courtyard on the ‘inner’ parts. The result on F4Map is that the building=* outline is actually properly dropped in the 3D rendering with the parts rendered with their respective levels, except where the courtyards are resulting in 8 towers rather than gaps.

Notably I’ve seen tags on building:parts in past of building:levels=0 (to force the hand?) but is that proper regardless of there being like 277K entries in TagInfo with that value?


Edit: Link to building Way: ‪Agenzia delle Entrate, Centro Operativo di Pescara‬ (‪1225384828‬) | OpenStreetMap noting that a type=building relation was not created. All height=* tags were meantime removed as the courtyards seemed to assume the height as entered on the building outline.

Just saw the link. I took a quick lock from mobile so I’m not sure about it, but you should map the courtyards as the building inners, not as building parts with 0 levels.

If the heights were correct I don’t think is good practice to delete them just because they don’t work in one 3d renderer imho

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A link to the complex you mapped would help to better understanding the situation

Not entirely sure why the courtyard spaces have to be made inner to both the parts and the main building outline other than it would be a logical necessity for the 2D renderers. At any rate, certainly on Carto S. the spaces opened up after doing so.

The heights as entered by original box mapper anyway had to go as they had no source and seemed blunt levels times 3 calculations, the whole area has this thing of building=yes+height=*, period. The ground floor alone is considerable higher plus and underground level just added both with truck height type entrance doors. Fort Knox type security, double fencing and walls higher than at the local prison, almost surreal.