3D objects on OSM software in Android?

I’m trying to create an application in android that uses some mapping software and some 3D rendering software and allows the user to import their 3D object ( a custom building lets say) and perform mapping methods on it (import floor plans, real time images of the building, etc.) Is this possible to do using OSMdroid/some other open source mapping software that supports 3D? I saw a software by Nutiteq called helloworld3D but its paid unfortunately.

You can have a look at OpenScienceMap … seems to have some opensource repos on github.com:




Any idea if they’ve got a library free for use? I poked my head around a bit in the code but couldn’t get their examples to run on my Android device.

I create similar application, where you can add 3D objects to the map. I use the library Three.js http://threejs.org, you can then create a web application which can then be published as a native Android application.
You can see my application on http://visualito.com/Skalice.html Android version here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.visualito.ceskaskalice
Some my other project are here http://visualito.com

Visualito: I have a few questions. How do you use javascript code in Android (syntax highlighting, etc.)? Also, how do you publish your web app as an android application? Was this just done through the browser? I’m going to start looking into Three.js. Is that the only library you used or were there more? Lastly, is it possible to place these objects on an entire map (like google maps or OSM)? Thanks! Also, I tried out your app, its super cool!

I am using Microsoft “Visual Studio 2015 Release Candidate (RC)”. Visual Studio now support publishing Android native application (apk). Yes, I used only three.js library.
Three.js allows place objects wherever you want, but you have to program this functionality. I do not place objects directly to the map, in my application http://visualito.com/Skalice.html you can click to one of messageboxes on map. After that InfoBox is showing and you can click to link for showing one of the 3D model.

Ok. Are the models that are on the map ones you created? (not the ones in the InfoBox but the building models on the main map). Do you know if you can put these objects directly on the map using three.js? Also, did you use Microsoft “Visual Studio 2015 RC” to convert your HTML5/Javascript code into the working android app (APK)? Thats what it looks like but I just want to clarify. Thank you again!

Wiki Definition: “Three.js is a lightweight cross-browser JavaScript library/API used to create and display animated 3D computer graphics on a Web browser. Three.js uses WebGL.” So you can show object anywhere you want, but you have to program this. Three.js also support loading and showing 3D objects in a lot of format such as Collada, OBJ, PLY, STL, VRML.

Yes, you get APK package, moreover source code is almost the same for Web and for Android application (HTML5/Javascript). When you publish APK package in Visual Studio http://cordova.apache.org is used (your web page is showing in the Android WebView object).