3d modeling question

Hello, I wanted to ask how do I make the Skillion roof change direction, since as seen in the photo the roof rises to the right, but I need it to rise to the left, how can I change the direction of the roof?
Roof Shape Skillon

I’ll try to explain this with an example. You use the roof:direction instead of roof:orientation for skillion-roofs. The value for roof:direction is the angle from the high side pointing downwards in the way the water would take (I guess it’s called the “facing” side in English). Illustration:


The yellow line is the ridge of the roof, or the high-side if you want. Draw a 90° angle to it facing downwards (the red line in my illustration) and you can read the roof:direction at the location the green arrow is pointing to.

In the illustration, roof:direction=21.46 would give you a skillion with the high side like the ridge of the roof and the skillion facing north-east-wards.


thank you friend I really appreciate it