3D model of Bruxelles

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I realize, there is no one 3D model in your capitol:

Specification hotw to use is here:

Nice examples see: e.g. Nuremberg, New York, Warszawa.
Maybe you could try it?

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It seems like an awful lot of work, when we haven’t even got the POIs covered. It’s good to know that it’s possible, but we’re spread too thin to do that for each and every building. Hopefully someone (preferably more than 1) will come by with an interest in 3D mapping.

This makes me wonder though, would it be possible to represent the Atomium? And if we were to do that, will we also get in trouble with silly Freedom of Panorama (or rather lack thereof, in Belgium) laws?


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If it isn’t allowed, we should probably make a “negative” version of it… Like those pictures where the whole outline of it was made black. No idea how to pull that off in 3D though, and if we were to attempt it, the whole structure would still be described in OSM, of course, but without the aluminum texture.

Alternatively we could put a simple enormous black block there, with the words,

“Nothing to see here, move on”
“Signed: Lack of Freedom of Panorama Hooligans”

Anyway, it’s obvious that one is not allowed to share pictures of the Atomium, but it’s less clear if it’s also forbidden to represent it as a 3d model, created from scratch.

Is a 3d rendering also “the image of the Atomium”?


Modelling of Atomium is possible with Simple 3D Building 2.0
This specification (and modeler) is the main topic of master thesis of my student :slight_smile:
But please, be patient, we need some months of work.

Nice example is the cathedral of Durham:

Extremally complex:
Moscow Kremlin: http://demo.f4map.com/#lat=55.7511383&lon=37.6188031&zoom=18

The craziest 3D Model around the world is probably national stadion in Warsow (wait some second for rendering, the model is extremally big):


If you have modeling questions please ask. Note: You can use in JOSM the Kendzi3D plug in or improved Kendzi 3D. You see changes immediately. In other Editors you have to wait ca 18 hours for rendering in F4 maps.
and of course, it is a lot to do. But start with very simple buildings and see results.

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It is good to know that it is technically possible, but is it legally allowed, that’s the question Polyglot and myself are asking.

I’ve been playing around a bit with 3D in a village near me. Since most buildings require multiple building parts I gave up as it is too time consuming and there are so many other things I want to map.

This is legally possible. A lot of navigation devices uses so called 3D landmarks.
The models in the village looks nice.
Of course, 3D modelling ist something for years, but one can begins with simply buildings for training and finally makes 3D model of one or two relevant buildings. At the end of the day we wolud have nice 3D results without modellinng of everything in 3D.

Good example is Lübeck in Germany. Only two most relevant historic churches are modelled and so called Lübecker Tor:

Btw. If you make a photography from the building frontally, ou can use the picture for height estimation.
Look ath this picture: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:MarekHowToShotOrthogonalPicturesDescription1.JPG

The He on the picture is the height of photographers body, e.g. 180 cm.

See also: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Phototexturing#Simple_extraction_of_building_heights

How do you start mapping e.g. a church in 3D if you do not have the exact heights of each part ?
Which equipment do you use to estimate or measure the heights ?

Well, I make frontal photography from good visible facade. If I know the total widith, I can estimate height. Sounds a little bit crazy but it works. My “problem” is, I´m proffesional. I teached 15 years at the Technical University constructive geometry for architects, urban planners and construction engineers. The problem of such people is sometimes, they think it is “obvious” and explain things very short. :confused:
I know I do it as well and apologize for that.

Maybe I should prepare a kind of video Tutorial 3D mapping for beginners. What do you think?

PS: By the way: thank you all for first 3D buildings in your wonderful capitol!

I think that such a video might be a good idea, just to learn some basic tricks on mapping common structures in buildings.
I’ve cross posted this thread to the Belgian mailing list as well.

ok, thank you Escada!

For picking of buildings I use Gimp.
How to get building:colour from taken photography:

Hello everybody, I wrote the page:

This is an first shot, I add next days more and more, especially under tipps and trics.

I hope this can help you with enjoying 3D modeling :wink:

Thanks Marak.

I’ve been experimenting a bit on this church: http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/226331460
I’m struggling now to get the roofs correct. I had put in some height for them, but then the wall became very small. Looked like the height of the building got lowered by the height of the roofs.
o.a. others I’m using the pictures on https://xian.smugmug.com/OSM/OSM-2015/2015-07-09-Heffen-t-Broek/i-nkXtQKk (which I took)

Good Job. I added there one rectangle for both roof surfaces (south and north).
It is smartet to make it with one surface,
equally_hipped is not supported by f4 :frowning: