3D Buildings in Rhino/Grasshopper/Elk - Problems with exporting osm

Hello everyone,

when i export an osm. file from openstreetmap.org i’m missing much Information about heigt.

The only city i can create in 3D is New York. Munich, Berlin, Paris, London etc have nearly no heights.

I’m using Rhinoceros3D+Grasshopper+Elk (http://www.food4rhino.com/app/elk)

When I look at a osm-based render websites like http://demo.f4map.com/#lat=52.5167104&lon=13.3953631&zoom=17 or http://maps.osm2world.org/?zoom=16&lat=52.5182&lon=13.39808&layers=B0TTFF Paris should be nearly complely 3D.

This is a screenshot of my Software. I got 902 buildings in the area around Pont Neuf. But only 19 heights.

This is a screenshot of F4map with the same area nearly 3D.

Somebody has an idea why I don’t download the informations?

I tried donwloading osm files from Geofabrik (https://www.geofabrik.de/en/index.html) but they are too big. Is there a way to donwload or “slice” it in smaller areas without using openstreetmap.org

Thanks for every help.

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see https://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=60422

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You’d better asking in the related Rhinoceros3D+Grasshopper forum, since the issue is about correct processing OSM data by Elk.

Also, you could take look at blender-osm addon for Blender