357 admin boundaries (all AL8?) damaged in Lithuania


“Missing Boundaries” found that 357 Admin Boundaries in your country have been damaged.

see https://wambachers-osm.website/index.php/projekte/internationale-administrative-grenzen/missing-boundaries/10-osm-reports/1210-countries-compare-2018-04-28

a short check showed, that all outer ways have been deleted.

does someone know, what is going on?

i asked in changeset https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/58480197?


btw: what is the communication platform of your mappers? This forum is “quiet” and the mailing list talk-lt the same.

Try to use message to OSM user instead of commenting change list

NO, the common OSM rule is: Contact the user via changeset comment. This comments will be send to the users mail address too.

benefit: anybody can follow this discussion (PN is “private”) and eaven enter the discussion.


btw: i got this answer from talk-lt:

"Some admin boundaries, which have been added without proper
agreement with data source have been removed by the person who had
mapped them. Only outer ways have been removed without removing the
relation itself.

We’re in the process of cleaning that up.

Thank you for the heads up!"

This comments will be send to the users mail address too.
Yes. But there are many people witch do not really read their emails. They use it only for registration or even they registered with google or facebook.
But if you send a message they will recieve notification both in JOSM and iD