30-Zones and cycleways

In Germany, there are never cycleways in 30 km/h zones (source).

I wonder, is this an assumption that can be made for any country in which the concept of 30 km/h zones is implemented (which are not that many)?

How is it in your country? Ever seen a cycleway in a 30-zone and/or do you know the legislation in your country?

In the Netherlands, they do exist.

In Belgium they exist as well. Zone 30’s are introduced around almost every school, and when there was a cycleway, it was kept.

Do you mean that in Germany, in 30km/h zones, there will be no bicycle-specific infras, whether it’s (non-)segregated bike lanes or markings on the road, simply because it’s considered useless in those areas?

As for France, it’s mostly up to cities to handle cycling-related infras, and it’s a mess, with no coherence whatsoever. Usually, the only cycle-related sign on roads in 30km/h zones are to indicate contra-flow bike lanes like this:

Ah, that’s a so-called “sharrow” right there (the markings on the ground) cycleway=shared_lane, which basically is the same as cycleway=no but with explicit markings for cycles on the ground so that car drivers know to expect bicyclists on the road.

What is somewhat odd about your photo there is that these kind of markings are usually an additional marking for a car-lane. Now with your photo, I have to revise this assumption because there is no contraflow car lane there.

In the UK there are certainly cycleways in 20mph (~30km/h) zones.

I think we have this in Belgium as well, no need for a contraflow car lane.

You are jumping to conclusions, just because it -looks- like an US sharrow lane, does not mean that in France it has the same legal and practical implications as in the US.

The sharrow is used to show cyclists that they are allowed to take the no entry road (besides the “Except bicycle” sign under the “No entry” sign), and warn motorists to expect cyclists coming their way on the left.

You mean the first or second paragraph? It is definitely a “sharrow” aka “shared lane marking”, also in France. See wikipedia, scroll down to France. This is the same wikipedia article that is linked from the openstreetmap wiki article for cycleway=shared_lane.

Also, according to the WP article, in US as much as anywhere else where the concept is “officially” implemented, a sharrow has no real legal implications, like I mentioned, the marking itself is only placed to “indicate where people should preferably cycle” - for cyclists and for other traffic.
This is why I do not think it matters whether it is officially implemented (i.e. France) or not (i.e. Germany). If a German mapper in Germany spots this kind of marking, he can tag it as cycleway=shared_lane because the marking in effect does exactly that, anywhere: “indicate where people should preferably cycle”.

This is of by the way about StreetComplete, I am currently implementing tagging cycleways. I could implement that the option to select a “shared lane marking” is only shown in countries where the concept does exist officially, but I think it makes sense to always show it because of the reasons I stated. And, per my last post, even show it for contra-flow lanes in a one-way.