3 beginner quetions

Hi Everyone,

Im new here and couldnt find the info I was looking for so please forgive my noob questions.

Can i create a private map for me and my colleagues use only?
Can I create categories / layers of buildings? Id like to group them.
I have addresses Id like to place on my map, is there anyway I can upload them without searching one by one?

Thanks Everyone!

Hi and welcome to OSM and the forum

Depends on what you mean with “map”. You can:

  • create your own tiles (map images) from OSM-Data displaying specific features not covered by the OSM-Default-Maps.
  • create overlays with personal markers (POIs) using one of a default map as background image.
    You shouldn’t add personal information to OSM like “My Home” etc.

Depends on what you mean by “category”. There are already categories in OSM (like “church”, “school” etc.) Introducing new features / categories should discussed with the (world wide) community of OSM.

Data import needs to be discussed in advanced!: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/FAQ#I_have_public_domain_non-GPS_data.2C_how_can_I_upload_it.3F

Have a look at our Wiki and our FAQ.

Hi Ray,

welcome to the project. I’m not sure where you are aiming at with your questions or if they are related. Maybe it would help if you told us a bit more specific what your overall goal is.

As a start you might want to look at the tutorials Beginners’ Guide or Learn OSM. For a private map check out uMap.

Thanks guys,

Im trying to map out location and services provided for those locations.
The services provided need to be categorized inorder to show their locations with notes.

Is this possible?


Data import needs to be discussed in advanced!: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/FAQ … load_it.3F

I tried finding the paragraph to import addresses, but I cant find it, can you please indicate the paragraph that lists this?

“I have public domain non-GPS data, how can I upload it?”

Shops and services can be categorized in OSM (mostly under the key shop) but there is are a lot of other keys (like amenity or leisure)

Notes are also possible but it is not intended for personal notes (see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:note))

Notes are only intended as a temporary store. They hare provided to allow people who don’t know how to map properly, or are not in a position to verify information, to let other mappers know that some work needs doing to actually update the map.

Where information is generally useful the creation of private maps is discouraged. They should be for information that is too personal to be worth including within the main map, or for commercially sensitive data. Particularly in the second case, you must not provide this data to outsiders, unless you licence it under the same terms as OSM, or the data uses no information from OSM (in particular, points that have been placed by reference to other features on the OSM contain information from OSM).

Also, note that one option is always to install a complete OSM tool chain, and work with your own mirror of planet.osm. I believe everything is open source, so you can adapt it for your needs.