2008-04-13 - Hannover, Germany: Geocaching and OSM Meeting

German: Am 13. April 2008 gibt es ein Geocaching und OSM Mappertreffen in Hannover. Weitere Informationen gibt es auf geocaching.com, für die Anzeige der genauen Koordinaten wird ein Benutzeraccount benötigt:
Englisch: On April, 13th 2008, there is a Geocaching and OSM meeting in Hannover, Germany. The location is currently only available at geocaching.com (you need an account to view them:


Could we stick to English on the none language specific parts of this forum? If (where possible) things can be discussed in 1 language then questions won’t be asked repeatedly, as a higher amount of answers should be able to be found by searching.

Sorry, I did an incomplete research before posting and noticed that there was also an announcement in french. Btw. should I receive any e-mail when subscribe to a topic here?

If you look at the forum layout you will notice there are generic subforums and forums targetted towards specific languages c.q. countries. You’ve posted in a ‘multinational’ subforum so Ben is right to request you to write in English. But you’ve been forgiven :smiley:

Regarding the email notification: If you have subscribed to this topic and configured your email address then you would/should receive notifications.

Edit: I just found a bug in the authentication code which clears the email address upon login. I’ll try to fix this as soon as possible. Sorry about that.

Serisouly I think it’s nice with more than English, especially these kinds of announcements.

Things are so English centric already, and just discussing in the own language subforum isn’t much fun.

The issue is that if it’s in another language then only people speaking that language will understand it. Therefore English is an OK choice for questions that anybody could ask/answer, as it is a commonly spoken language. It sounds kinda ripe since I can’t speak any other languages, but that’s not really my reasoning!

Although you are correct that most things are rather UK-centric, I don’t think people posting in a language suitable for the majority to be able to benefit from is the same issue.

As the opening post now stands it has it in English as well as German, so I have no objection.


nice, but without geocaching-account I don’t see where the meeting point is.
Or am I just blind?

You are not blind, you need an account to see them. I asked someone who posted on the talk-de mailinglist about this to provide the coordinates. I am not sure, whether copying them from geocaching.com would be against the law. :expressionless:

Sure adding English is a good idea anyway, but not really a must.

Having all the announcements in one place is a lot better than having them in the separate subforums. Of course there is also the possibility to alienate people, but the traffic isn’t that high yet so that shouldn’t be a problem.