180th Meridian problem

Background: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/180th_meridian
In the wiki page, it claim “Apparently Mapnik/OpenCarto works without glitches in the area.”. However, when navigating the area with popular OSM styles like the one on OSM’s site, it can clearly be seen that some vertical line on the meridian that could be seen as error, with administrative region, islands, and other features being split into two half along the line. It itself is not a rendering problem as the data in the OSM database for objects along the line are all split into two parts, one object on the east and another object on the west. However, the reason why those objects are split into two different objects in OSM database are probably to accommodate the way they are rendered on most renderer. As such, is it possible for renderer to either a.) try to process and visually “merge” objects along the line by ignoring boundaries that overlap with the meridian if there are same boundary on the other side, or b.) handle objects and ways that span across 180th meridian correctly so objects in OSM database will no longer need to be split into twp part across the line?

Note:Display of public GPS trace are also broken along the line.

I don’t know what the problem is, but I opened the ticket for it some time ago: