Zoomable Map of Architecture Masterpeaces in Berlin

I am writing a series of articles for Wikipedia (it) on Berlin (Germany) and its architecture.

I would like to make a map of Berlin, where I would introduce a suitable number of points corresponding to remarkable buildings, each with a link to a page in Wikipedia.

The map should be zoomable, otherwise it would be impossible to use.

I would like that, in this map, nothing appears but buildings, parks, streets and their names. No restaurants, no coffie-shop, no other amenities.

The first question is: is openstreetmaps suitable for my aim?

The second: since I’m only a poor newbie, could anyone tell me which articles should I read in the Wiki and in which order? Or at least in which category?

Third: is it possible to do all the work online, or do I have to download and install plenty of software? And, in this case, should I borrow a Sunway supercomputer from China ;-), or a modest PC would do?

Thank you for your patience,

If you want to display data “on top of” existing map tiles, then https://umap.openstreetmap.co/it/ should do what you want.

If you want to create your own map tiles, then have a look at https://switch2osm.org/manually-building-a-tile-server-16-04-2-lts/ . For one city, you don’t need a huge computer - a small virtual machine on a desktop or laptop would work fine.

The map tiles would need to be served from machines that are neither Wikipedia, nor OSM owned. I don’t think that is normal Wikipedia, except as an external link

Also, it seems to me that, at least the selection of features on the map is likely to be original research, and therefore against the Wikipedia rules. As you are writing a series of articles, I’m wondering if the same is true of the articles.

Wikipedia have done some work on including slippy maps,but I can’t find a reference at the moment and I doubt that it meets your level of customisation.

For info wikipedia does tiles, such as for example:

You could probably overlay something over that with uMap.

Thank you for the answers.
I need to understand a little bit better the notion of “tile”. I read that the slippy map is made through joining many tiles.

Is that true also for maps of relatively large towns, like Rome, Paris or Berlin?

What should I do in order to take a tile like the one you show me and overly my infomrations over it?

Tank you a lot.

I wouldn’t t worry about individual tiles yet; I’d first try and create a simple map with uMap showing some markers.

There are some Mappa Mercia blog posts from a couple of years ago that might help - I think the first one is http://www.mappa-mercia.org/2014/08/openstreetmap-alternatives-to-googles-maps-engine-and-fusion-tables.html and the second http://www.mappa-mercia.org/2014/09/creating-an-always-up-to-date-map.html .