Zoom in map losses tiles ?

This may have been already answered below, but my edits of a local village seem to messed up. When I zoom in some of the houses disappear when others stay https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/50.09608/-5.20611 is an example.

Any ideas ?


After pressing ctrl-F5 the houses apear on my computer.

That’s strange I did the same before a they didn’t reappeared, now they do, I also tried another browser and it was not displaying either. I still have an issue when I zoom out most of them disappear.

F5 works because your browser or ISP was caching old versions.

Different tiles get regenerated at different times. In the standard Mapnik rendering, on openstreetmap.org, the two most detailed zoom levels are generated on demand, but the others are done in the background and stored. Normally the tiles all update within a few minutes, but if there is high load, or there has been a technical problem, this period can be much longer.

The other sample rendering on the site typically take up to a week to update.

Also note that houses will disappear as you zoom out, anyway, as lower zoom levels suppress detail to keep the rendered map usable.

Even the highest zoom levels don’t render the whole map.

That would also explain why older edits would remain displayed when the newer ones disappeared at the same zoom level. I knew about ctrl+F5 to clear the browser cache. So it boils down possibly browser or ISP cache and or delayed OSM rendering.

Hopefully others will find this handy to know.

I feel more incentivised to do some more edits now as I know it is working !