Zone 30 in Brussels Region: confusion at Hosp. Erasme in Anderlecht

Is the rte de Lennik between the roundabout Wybran-Simonet and “Eddy Merckx” 50 or 30?

Maps and information:
Following this official map, it is 50, the traffic signs indicate 30.

  • From Lennik to Anderlecht
    At the panel of the city border “Anderlecht” there is a sign 50.
    After the first crossroad “rue du Chaudron - Ketelstraat”, the sign 50 is not repeated, and you passed an F1 sign, so, it becomes 30.
    At Pharma there is the regional welcome panel together with an information panel introducing zone 30 (“Sauf … – Behalve …”).

  • From Vlezenbeek (Postweg) to Anderlecht
    At the limit of the region there is a welcome panel and an F1 sign.
    After first crossroad (Meylemeersch) the is a sign 50.
    After the roundabout (Wybran – Simonet) in the rte de Lennik, there is no sign, so it is 30
    There are no further signs along the road till the crossroad at Eddy Merckx.
    From that crossroad, Lennik and Josse Leemans become 50 (signs), Olympique-Olympiade is 30 (no signs).

  • From Anderlecht to Erasme
    When coming from Anderlecht following the rte de Lennik ou turning from Josse Leemans into rte de Lennik – Lenniksebaan, there is no sign 50 leaving the crossroad at Eddy Merckx, so it becomes 30.

My conclusion: rte de Lennik between Wybran-Simonet and Eddy Merckx is 30 in the two directions.
(and that’s what I and some other drivers do…)

There seem to be two realities: the legally correct speed (traffic signs) and the regional wannabe speed in the official map.
Which reality OSM should record in its database?

No panic, I ‘m not going change the speed tags…
I’ll leave it to a consensus.

Or, is there another explanation?
There are some signs 30 for the road works.
Maybe they’ll wait till the end of these works to put the 50 signs???

A volunteer to solve this problem?


OSM should have the “on the ground” value. This is another good example of why you should never copy data from another map.

I’ve posted this to Mobiris, who I assume are responsible. See

The problem when installing over 2,000 road signs almost overnight is that they outsourced the job to several private companies, and apparently gave them inaccurate instructions.
They had to fix the situation multiple times on the same streets between December and now, sometimes introducing new mistakes that were fixed later or haven’t been fixed yet.
(See an example here:
A real nightmare to survey when it changes the next week.

(And yes, there is the additional problem of temporary 30-kph speed restrictions during road works, and there are road works in that area for the moment.)

Thanks for your report, Mizuna, I will check it against my survey notes (it was in December) and look for changes.

I surveyed it again last week.

Indeed, all the C43 roadsigns on the inner part of Lennik (between Erasme/Erasmus and Eddy Merckx, i.e. along the metro line) have been removed, therefore it is legally maxspeed=30. I agree with you on that one. I don’t know the reason why Brussels Region changed this (must have been between January and your own survey in February).

On the outer branches of Simonet roundabout, this is maxspeed=50 everywhere, despite a temporary speed restriction along Lenniksebaan because of roadworks. Beware of the confusion between legal F1 signs announcing a city and those large “Welcome to Brussels” signs announcing the new speed restrictions—those latter signs have no legal value on their own.

Anyway, the data in OSM looks fine now.