Zip file map

I have downloaded a Map of Ethiopia for use on my etrex20
The file is shown as
Its a Compressed(zipped) Folder
I copied this to a new Micro card and inserted it into the etrex.
Since I’m not yet in Ethiopia I can’t open it and see my location.
I’m in UK
When I arrive in Ethiopia, will the etrex show me the map details?
Do I have to unzip the file/folder befroe loading it onto the etrex?
Many thanks
I did spend some time tryin to find out the answer to this question in the Help forums - but didn’t get any where.
Thanks again


Within the Zip archive should be a gmapsupp.img file. That is the file that should be copied to \garmin directory of your Etrex20 GPS.

The details should be visible then if you move the device’s location to that region.

You have to unzip the file first.
See also

After a succesfull installation you can go to the map on your Garmin and see all the details in Ethiopia

You can view the map before actually going there. Zoom out, pan over to Ethiopia, zoom in. If you’ve installed the map correctly, it should appear.

Best to do this before getting on the plane, to make sure everything’s working well.

Many thanks folks
All set now