YouTube: "How England's Oldest Road Was Nearly Lost Forever"

A short video about the right to walk on ways in the UK.

Hi PHerison!
There’s an ancient right of way in my home town. When the Manchester ship canal was built, it crossed its path. Part of the act of Parliament that allowed the canal to be built also demanded that the canal company need to maintain the right of way. The cheapest and easiest way to do that was with a ferry service. And since the only thing that can repeal the right of way is another act of Parliament , that ferry service is still there. The canal company has to, by law, pay a person to sit in a little hut all day and row anyone across the canal who comes along and gives him 20p. I love the fact that this exists and I use the ferry whenever I can.

Nice story. OSM-Link? :smiley:

I love Europeans’ “Right of way” laws, here in North America is a different story :/… recently I was on Vancouver Canada and it amazed me the level of difficulty to get to some places like beaches and parks because there is little to no right of way. You would think that in countries like Canada there’s free access almost everywhere right? Well, at least in lower mainland British Colombia it’s not that easy.

Anyways, good video, I learned the term “Militant walking enthusiasts” and that it is a big thing apparently :smiley:

Amazing. I was wandering what to do in my leisure, and randomly saw the video link you share. it was worth watching.

Me likes :slight_smile: