You need a Flash player to use Potlatch

I have been using Potlatch with IE 7 on Win dows XP home for about a 6 months with no problems, but now I have started getting the message

“You need a Flash player to use Potlatch, the OpenStreetMap Flash editor.”

I have tried reinstalling Flash Player several times & rebooting the PC but I can’t get Potlatch to work any more, I would be most thankful for any suggestions as I like using Potlatch for most of my editing.

I am installing Flash player from
(without google toolbar) and it seems to install ok.

Other web pages that I believe need flash like YouTube work ok, but not Potlatch


I have managed to find a resolution to this problem so I thought I would post it here in case any one else has the same issue.

On the Adobe web site there is an uninstaller for the flash player here

Once I had uninstalled the flash player & rebooted my PC then the normal flash player install described above worked ok (as before) but this time when it had finished Potlatch worked too.

Thanks for reading.