You have downloaded too many data

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in classroom, a teacher see “You have downloaded too many data”


then it’s hard to contribute
do you know what is it ? iP issue ? it’s first time for him et nobody in french’s forum seems to know this issue

Hi and welcome to the OSM Community forums,

The www says that a ‘code de status:509’ warning is ‘use of too much bandwidth’, Looking at the background suppose this is with ID Editor with which I’ve never encountered this, ID fetches background data on-the-fly, but as with the JOSM editor, if selecting too large an area and then trying to fetch that in 1 go you get a bad request warning or with a very large relation it starts fetching the members and then times out at some point.


Since the OSM servers don’t have infinite bandwidth we at times do see messages like ‘too many users connected’ preventing upload or download of data so if you did mass downloads you are affecting other users as well, hence can see why this was implemented by the OSM server room operators.

Could it be related to The new rate limiting prevents participants to Missing Maps mapathons from saving buildings ?


i’m not sure it’s a new account so i think it’s not related ! (i check !)

I think the new rate limiting is for uploads, not downloads.

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