'You are Here' overlay

Hi All

I wonder if anyone can help.

Is there any way to add a ‘You are Here’ overlay on the map and then Embed it?

Any help would be a appreciated. Thanks.

Please disregard above, I’ve just realised that a marker can be included on export which is sufficient form needs.

Thank you.

There is only one OSM, but many “you’s”, so it is not possible to embed such information in THE map.

If you are talking about he map as rendered by some web site or application, you need to tell us which web site or application you man.

http:/www.openstreetmap.org, seems to have a new feature that plots the browser’s idea of where you are, and an error circle on top of the map, but I don’t know how you save that. It’s the arrow head, under the “-” on the right hand menu.

You can also set an, un-labelled marker, and get a URL that includes it, using the share option (rectangle with arrow pointing out). It looks as though doing both in succession will set the marker at the centre of your location circle. This add mlon and mlat parameters to the URL.

Ooooh, I didn’t realize that was there. Nice.

Strange, the mouse p;ointer changes from a draggy hand (draggable) to a pointy finger (clickable) when I hover over the marker. Clicking on the marker doesn’t seem to do anything. Time to do some googling.

[edited to add I was looking at the wrong place on github]
From the code on github, [which isn’t for what I thought it was for] It appears that as well as mlon and mlat you can also include mtxt in the URL to set text for the marker [except I was looking at the wrong code]. So the standard OSMap probably doesn’t have an mtxt feature. Which doesn’t explain why the mouse pointer changes to indicate the marker is clickable.