Yet another "Which GPS?" question with additional Holux Q

I started out a while back looking for a GPS device to use with my PC to enable me to edit OSM.

I was steered towards from various sources.
The ability to use it as a data logger seemed attractive.
However this is no longer available and a review comment suggests that Holux have gone out of business.

I have also been pointed towards however this seems to be just a USB dongle and not an independent data logger.

Is there a current recommendation for a data logger which can receive GNSS GLOSNASS etc. that the RCV-3000 could?
Which will also function as a GPS receiver when connected (USB, BT etc.) to a Windows laptop?

My main motivation is to learn how to edit OSM to change some minor features locally (which in turn should feed through to some mapping software that I use for cycling which gets maps from OSM).

Secondary motivation is to have an accurate logger which I can carry with me, but this is much less important as I already have GPS in the phone and tablet, and a Garmin Edge Explore for the bike.