Yahoo Problems in JOSM

Hello. I’ve got the latest tested JOSM downloaded from its offical webpage yesterday. At the same time, I use Ubuntu 9.04. I can download and upload without problems with JOSM, and i’ve installed wmsplugin. But I’ve got a problem with Yahoo layer: when I wanna put it as a layer, behind OSM data, instead of appear yahoo aerial images, appears a red layer with Exception Ocurred. How can i solve it?? Thanks.

Did you install webkit?

Hi Ldp. I’ve got some problems installing it following the instructions of the web you link. I tried to install gnome-web-photo but it dosnt work correctly because when i select that layer appears in a bad way (nodes and map doesnt fit). Do you know where can i download a package with the extension .deb of webkit for Ubuntu 9.04? any other easier form to compile it from source? Thanks

No, sorry. I’m not using Ubuntu.