Wrongly use of height tag?

I’m just verifying the height tag worldwide and I found unfortunately a lot of wrong entries. E.g. many user mixing elevation and height or they also enter m for meter. Is there a way to automatically correct the wrong entries? E.g. all entries about 850m are automatically wrong. Or for the inputfield of height should be a veryfication about the value size and type and the user must get a hint that this is not the elevation.


Our validators (both inside editors and standalone tools) could warn the user about implausible height values. Not sure if any of them already do, but it would seem like a good addition.

Automatic correction of already-uploaded data is more sensitive and there’s a community expectation of following a certain process with prior discussion etc., so I’d recommend talking to validator developers as a first step. You could submit a feature request for JOSM, for example!

By the way, note that including the unit with a height value (such as “height = 1.5 m”) is not wrong, and some mappers even consider it preferable.