Wrong Wikidata for Gull in New Zealand?

It seems as if every Gull in New Zealand is tagged with brand:wikidata=Q5617739 “Gull Petroleum [Australia]” rather than Q111949119 “Gull New Zealand”
Is this correct/intentional?
Additionally, when trying to enter the Gull NZ Wikidata, iD recommended I use the Australian one, how is this determined?

These are determined by the Name Suggestion Index.

Here is the entry for Gull, which explains the behaviour you describe: https://nsi.guide/index.html?t=brands&k=amenity&v=fuel&tt=gull

I would say it is not intentional, but rather that the NSI entry has not been updated when Gull NZ and Gull Australia have become different entities.


Q5617739 looks a bit messed up. It is pointing to various Gull NZ websites and social media accounts.

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I have submitted a pull request to Name Suggestion Index to split the AU and NZ Gull entries.

The Gull New Zealand Wikidata entry at Q111949119 is pretty empty. I’ll move the relevant tags from Gull Petroleum to that one.