Wrong user (and another question or two)

Hello there,

I am working on Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

My dad and I both have accounts for JOSM, but I do most work, my dad’s is (was) more for testing and figuring out how JOSM worked.

I have done a lot of uploads to OSM by mistake in my dad’s account. Is it possible to re-assign data?

Also, can I select how wide I want a river to be?

Thanks for any replies.

Can’t answer your first question I’m affirad, but for river widths, just add “width=” and stick the value in metres. (If it’s guess work stick it as est_width (I think - check wiki). I have recently worked out the render widths for mapnik relative to there tagged width, and steve8 is in the process of adding it, so hopefully this will render soon.

Contact Tom Hughes to see if he can manually reassign your edits, but to be honest I think you just shouldn’t bother…

Choose ‘E-mail this user’ from the Toolbox on the left in the wiki

+1 don’t bother.

And another view that says: don’t bother. :slight_smile: