Wrong turn information?

Kreuz Hamburg Süd

There are 4 lanes. 2 right for leaving the Autobahn, 2 for driving in the direction Seevetal.
Magic Earth told me i should use the right lanes, which was wrong.

How can I look up, if openstreetmap shows the right direction?

There a several crossing, which tell half left instead of straight.

Is this a openstreemap error? How can i correct it?

I assume you came down the A255. The pieces of the autobahn that hold the lanes tagging are: https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/190594204 and https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/485748074. You see the key turn:lanes=slight_left|slight_left|slight_right|slight_right. That lists the direction of the lanes from left to right. It’s a bit irritating that it says slight left for the two left lanes instead of straight. But anyway Magic Earth should be able to sort that out. So I would say the problem lies with the app not with the data.

By the way: If you are German speaking feel free to use the German sub forum which is more frequented than this one.

Ok thanks, i will use the german subforum.

No i described 2 different problems.

In this case it is wrong.
Magic Earth tells me to go right, when i should go straight or slightly left


I contacted Magic Earth, perhaps they can explain the issue.

Me 2 :wink:

Got a reply back stating they found a bug in their code and are working on it.

Thats my reply: