wrong tag "tunnel_name"


i found a lot of tunnel_name in the Netherlands and i think we should use correct “tunnel:name”.
I can do this in a single edit, but only if this is OK for the local mapper.

According to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:tunnel tunnel:name is indeed the correct one. So it’s fine to me if you change it in a single edit.

Given that we have thousands of tunnels in our country, I find your “a lot” a bit of an exaggaration! I count only 62.

I checked a few of the tunnels in your overpass, and was surprised to learn that even some experienced mappers have used the wrong tag.
For me it is ok to change the tag to the correct one. Please include a link to this forum discussion in your source for that edit.

fixed now in a single edit

Please post the changeset# here.

here the changeset link

Thanks for fixing!

Thanks for noticing and fixing, I added tunnel:name and bridge:name to my Garmin maps as well!