Wrong suburb when searching for street


when you enter in the search field “talstr. leimen” it shows:

Wohnstraße Talstraße, St. Ilgen, Leimen, Rhein-Neckar-Kreis, Regierungsbezirk Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, 69181, Deutschland

So it claims that Talstraße is in a suburb of Leimen called St. Ilgen. But that is wrong and the map is showing it correctly. Other streets in that area are wrong as well. What is the root cause for this? I would like to fix it. It shoulnd’t be Leimen-St. Ilgen but Leimen - Leimen or Leimen - city or just Leimen.


You can check the reason for this search result very easily by querying nominatim.openstreetmap.org. Searching for talstr. leimen leads to this result. You can see that St. Ilgen comes from this place node.

If you think Talstraße is not in the suburb St. Ilgen, try to add the suburb as an area. Currently it is just a node, so Nominatim cannot know the border of the suburb and tries to estimate it.

Thanks for the response.

I am 100% sure that Talstr. is not in St. Ilgen, and I have a good idea where the borders of St. Ilgen are. But I don’t know the borders exactly, so if I map this as an area it will surely not 100% accurate. Should I do it anyways?

Could I instead create a node in the city center of Leimen as a new suburb and hope that nominatim guesses better? But having this node, how would I call it?
Place=suburb, name=Leimen? or name=Mitte (German for Centre) or name=downtown? What would be the best approach to this?

if i knew it pretty well, i’d map it. maybe put a todo on the way to tell others that it might not be absolutely accurate and someone should check. but having an (approximate) area improves the accuracy of the map compared to a single node. anyways, i wouldn’t invent artificial nodes just to prevent “some” application from guessing wrong.

Yes. You can add fixme=estimated or something similar. There are lots of borders and other areas in OSM which aren’t 100% accurate.