Wrong Pyrinees border in OSM


(sorry, I only know to speak a few French)

I am mountaineer from many years ago so that I know very well some mountain areas in Pyrenees in the border between France and Spain.

Now when beginning to upload some of my gps mountain tracks I have seen that the border is wrong by kilometers :(.

I have checked that the “source” tag has “CIA World Databank II”.

In other OSM forum they have told me to ask here about the status of using data from Cadastre. It seems that we can mark the border by hand over the Cadastre map.

May I help ?. I have installed the Josm Cadastre plugin but I can not make it work. I do not know what to put in “mise à jour : AAAA”.

Some comment ?



First, you should know that the cadastre is not “very” accurate in the mountains. But it seems to be better than the original import of the “CIA world” db anyway :wink:

Second, you should know that we have some conventions about administrative boundaries in France and we would appreciate if you could follow them. The cadastre is about the municipality border - admin_level 8 - and is a relation aggregating several ways as it is demonstrated here:
It becomes particular when the boundary way belongs to more than an admin_level which is the case of a national border. In this case, the way belongs to the relations of the municipality (level 8), the département (level 6), the region (level 4) and finally the country (level 2). For the country, we don’t have a single relation since we have too many ways. Therefore we have sub-relations for e.g. all ways between France and Spain, another one for all ways between France and Germany, etc. and one super-relation collecting all those border relations together. If you modify the border between France and Spain, you will have to modify all of these relations excepted the super-relation.

Last, about your question of the source, you have to replace the AAAA by the year of the last update of the cadastre on this area. For this, you have to go to the original site www.cadastre.gouv.fr, open the “Vue d’ensemble de la commune”, clic on “S’informer” on the left panel and then “Editer les informations relatives à cette feuille” on the bottom panel.
Usually the year of last update is either 2008 or 2009.


Hello Pieren

Thank you very much for your answer :). I will try to open Cadastre from Josm with your indications.

I am fully agree with your opinions about CIA and Cadastre. In today post http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=4747 I have put my opinion (if Monsieur Henry Russell would see the Vignemale area Cadastre cartography would not be very happy :()

Following that I would move defective “CIA” border for about 50 Km in Central Pyrenees. I would maintain the tags but changing the “source” by something like “Yahoo aerial imagery, public domain cartographical references and personal experience”

Best regards :slight_smile:

Hello Pieren (and everybody else)

I have done the main part of the job. You can see it in http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=42.71&lon=0.077&zoom=11&layers=B000FTF

Pieren: I think I have followed all French mapping conventions, at least at the same detail it was done before.

Please take a look to that area and tell me if it is ok.

Now I am working on the East border at least until Madaleta/Aneto area.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Seems almost correct. I just removed the tag “name=Bagnères-de-Luchon” on the boudary ways because it’s a border line, you have a left:name, right:name as an option but not a name on the line itself.

Thank you Pieren

Finally I have finished the job from Somport mountain pass in the West (from here I do not know the border well) to Vielha Val d’Aran area in the East (where the existing cartography is much better than the “CIA” one).

135 Km of border where the registered mountain peaks and passes match well.

Now I will begin to add mountain trails and everything related with.

Best regards