wrong locations

hi everyone,

Lately, we are receiving wrong locations for some countries in Lebanon, the Nominatim server has updates up to 2018-02-27.
what is strange that we are gettings location in Israel instead of Lebanon.
we had a contact with our service providers and they replied by:

I’ve checked your Nominatim server for possible issues, but couldn’t find any. Everything is working the way it should, which means that we’re dealing with the difference in the database. Unfortunately, we can’t say why the database is different from openstreetmaps server.

This is some examples of the wrong locations

**33.2895716 35.576015
**On our platform, the address is: HaBalua, Metula, Metula, North District, Israel
On OSM the address is: Rabb Et Talatine, Marjeyoun District, Nabatieh Governorate, Lebanon

**33.27874 35.564008
**on our platform, the address is: Maale HaTsfiya, Metula, Metula, North District, Israel
on OSM the address is: Rabb Et Talatine, Marjeyoun District, Nabatieh Governorate, Lebanon

please help us fix this issue and we appreciate your advice.


please give us the exact command you are sending to nominatim.


Dear Wambacher,
i have sent your reply to our server provider and they replied with the example below:

Here is an example of the request to your nominatim server:


And here is the same request, but only the address is changed to public nominatim:


The address is different in the response.
Please post those examples on the forum and we’ll see what they respond.



the first point is definitely located in the lebanon:

therefore osm nominatim is right.

the second one is a little bit extreme:

ever heard about rounding errors? :wink:

i don’t know much about nominatim, but i think, there are rules for weighting the results. And may be they are different.

You should discuss this problem (on your site) with the nominatim team: https://github.com/openstreetmap/Nominatim/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md (sorry, did not find a better link, but you should know it)


btw: asking your provider how YOU are calling nominatim is a little bit strange for me. I do know what my programs are doing.

But, the point in both requests is exactly one and the same:

But in the response the point detected is different:

Public nominatim:
“lat”: “33.8827045”,
“lon”: “35.5594713”,

Customer Nominatim:
“lat”: “33.8755849”,
“lon”: “35.5626383”,

Why can this be?

Nominatim appears to match a feature to the coordinates and then give the details of that feature. The feature it matches depends on the zoom level. Was that the same in both cases?

please check YOUR nominatim server and/or ask the nominatim team.


Well, yes, the zoom parameter in both request examples is 18