Worldwide routable Garmin maps: URL REMOVED

I also downloaded from the maps of NL, which are routable and working so it should be possible. Those maps produce weird errors however on my Garmin Etrex, like in case of a left turn the direction on the screen shows a right turn-off, navigation on motorways for cyclists etc. so I wonder how your maps were doing. :sunglasses:

My maps are currently also leading cyclists onto a motorway for longer routes unfortunately. I have already reported this behavior to the Mkgmap dev list.

Regarding the maps that crash MapSource: I guess it’s a question of luck if a tile causes it, because when I split the world again it might be that that area isn’t causing the problem that time. For example: in my previous version the north scandinavian tile caused MapSource to crash, I don’t know if it still does with this version.

Some map requests have failed today because the server harddisk was full. The problem has been resolved, but many unique and very large requests within 48 hours can trigger this again. I deleted directories with partial or completely failed builds. Please request again if your download link gives an “404 - Page not found” error.

Well, my next f*ckup has happened: I modified the cleanup script a bit which accidentally caused it to remove all combine request results. So if you happen to get a 404, page not found error, you will have to do your request again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi Lambertus!

First of all, I’m for sure the next one in the row to say thanks to your great service! :smiley:

But as always, I also have a question to you…

About two weeks ago, you told some people to wait for your next map update to see if address search might work now. Therefore, I tried a map request for Germany today (finished in less than one hour, wow!) and tested the gmapsupp.img on my GPSMap 60Cx and my Nüvi 760TFM.

On both, only searching for streets seems to work, but not searching for cities. The Nüvi simply finds nothing when looking for a city while the GPSMap opens a very long list of towns, but tells me “nothing found” as soon as I only enter one letter.

(On the GPSMap, you can sometimes find an address by the following process: enter some “number” in the first field, enter the street name in the 2nd field and leave the city field empty. Now you should get a list of the named street in different cities - however, this list seems to be quite incomplete.)

So two questions:

  • Was someone (probably you?) successful with the address search with the current maps?
  • Which mkgmap snapshot do you exactly use? It would be great service if you could always announce the currently used SVN revision on the web site so one can see what the cards should provide…

Thanks again!


Not everyone is technical enough to keep an eye on the Mkgmap SVN repository so I don’t think it’s useful to add the Mkgmap SVN version on the website. I try to use the latest (or one of the latest) Mkgmap versions available.

Address search:

Regarding searching for streetnames and addresses, I found the following on the Mkgmap mailinglist. (Afaik, this does not work for nüvi owners yet):

Does this help you?

Please note that routing and especially looking up addresses is considered beta in Mkgmap, so don’t expect it to work flawlessly. I’m sure quality will improve in time.

Well, I can’t really follow your first argument. Including the SVN release would help people like me to see if you already use the latest one or if I have to test on my own. And it won’t disturb others who don’t understand what an SVN release is all about. Anyone out there should have a rough understanding about the concept of versions, so why should it confuse people? And if e.g. people using your maps will complain at the mkgmap people they can at least include some needed information. I don’t see why this hurts anyone.

If it’s too laborous for you, I can certainly understand, though… :slight_smile:

About the limitations: that’s really great, thanks! I never tried entering the full city name. Now that works great for some cities - probably those ones which have the borders mapped in a correct fassion. However, I’m not able to search for cities with German Umlauts like München. :frowning:

But I think I’ll check the missing bits with the mkgmap people directly.

Thanks for your quick answer and keep up the great work!!

Maybe not on the web site but you could add that somewhere in the dataset description, such as “OSM map (r991)”. This might help to find bugs in mkgmap when somebody identifies a special case in a specific map version.

Ok, an extra file ‘mkgmap.version’ will be available in the webdirectory listing the mkgmap version. Is that good enough?

This will be gone after 48 hours. I think it should be linked to the maps in a way that one can always identify the version information. Currently the automatically generated gmapsupp.img is listed as “family name” on my GPS. This string could for instance read “OSM (date) (version)”, giving both the date of the OSM data and the mkgmap version.

You’re not satisfied easilly, are you? :stuck_out_tongue: Well, I’ll see what I can do…

Hi Lambertus, very very good service!! I like it very much because my tries to create large routable maps failed due to less RAM…

From my opinion you could reduce the space problem, if you either give the user a button “Ready - maps can be deleted on server” or you could automatically remove the maps e.g. 3 hours after the first completed download.

(A nice improvement would be a selection of different typ files, e.g. one for cars, one for bicycles etc.)

I think it will ok just to reduce time from to 30hrs… 3 hours is too short as I download my file offpeak which is usually 5-8 hrs later.
I think having some “pre-generated” files would reduce the need for some request.

I now have a script that will automatically delete old directories. I use the map id’s to produce a MD5SUM so that I can reuse existing directories for multiple users. I’m still determining if this is really helpful and also which resource I need the most (e.g. disk space vs. CPU time). It is too early to say what is most important.

Yes, I’m also thinking about making a lot of the Garmin parameters configurable so that you can install multiple maps in MapSource and allow users to upload and use their own TYP files. This takes time however, and I also desperately need some time for myself and my GF so I’m going to let things be for a while.


First of all, a big ‘thank you’ for your efforts, and along with you, to all the contributors of OSM.
Now, the problems :slight_smile:
I just downloaded a map for Romania (I received the link around 20:20, on April 8th), and the East-European fonts are displayed as question marks (e.g. instead of Orăştie I get Or??tie). I am quite new to all this, but I could use some suggestions. Should I compile the maps myself and add certain switches to include font support?


P.S. The link is

If you are willing to do some tests to find out which parameters are needed for the build process then that would be great!

For the current maps I used the Mkgmap parameters --utf8 and --code-page=1252. These last parameter is apparently needed to get it working on the Garmin Mobile XT. I added the first parameter just to avoid the problems you’re encountering…

Hi Lambertus, I love your service! Thanks a lot.

I still have some questions: Would it be difficult to add some different style or type of the map to select?

  1. I can hardly see buildings because they are brown, like the background of the map and therefore i would prefer grey buildings.
  2. When mapping some points are not shown (i.e. traffic_signals) it would be great if I could see them on the map, because the live checking if the map is complete would be much easier.
  3. Or if you could a special mapping map which emphasize thing which need an update (like unamed highways).
  4. To see contour lines for the high (hiking maps) would be a nice option in the lowest zoom level.
  5. I would like to have the diving spots shown on the map (sport=diving) because it would be easier to find them.

Now I’m going to install the latest map to my Garmin60CSx. Thanks a lot that this is now easy!


I don’t know if all you requests can be implemented (by me at least). Things like diving spots are something that needs to be implemented in Mkgmap.

Hi Lambertus, I love the routable feature very much!

Today I noticed that phone cells are visible in a quite low resolution on my Garmin Oregon in which I don’t expect POIs to be displayed. I think that’s a mistake? Can you please check this?

And one more: Roundabouts are rendered with a higher level than usual streets, e.g. the roundabout and connected streets are highway=unclassified. The streets are rendered grey whereas the roundabout is orange.


Are the roadtrip versions working for everybody? I submitted a request yesterday, the MapSource and gmapsupp versions are approx. 280 MB, and the Roadtrip version is only 87 MB. It seems to contain only one of the tiles…