Worldwide routable Garmin maps: URL REMOVED

At the risk of asking a silly question, what are you actually hoping will happen in response to your post here? That server no longer does what it used to do and its former maintainer is AWOL. Insert whatever quote you like from

There are, of course, plenty of other ways of getting OSM data onto a garmin device, either as a direct download or by creating the map for exactly the area you want yourself. (see lots of comments earlier in the thread). They don’t work in exactly the same way as , but you can download the same data.

The way that and the other infrastructure around it was set up isn’t (as far as I’m aware) documented anywhere so no-one can just lift it and deploy it esewhere - and even if it was, someone would need to commit a good chunk of time to maintaining it and dealing with user requests.

The next question, given that is no longer usable, is what do you actually want to do? Perhaps someone can help with that.

I think it was stupid from me, to post that here.

I just wanted to give information, and I feel sorry for that.

If I get answers like this, I rather stop posting here, its useless.

It may not have read like it, but my answer was trying to be helpful. Asking “when will this site be operational again” is not one that people can answer. However, “how do I get up to date maps for my travels” might well be one that people can help with. Perhaps try one of the alternatives listed earlier in the thread? If there’s a reason why they don’t work for you then maybe you could explain in a bit more detail what the problems with it are?

Ciao Lamberto, grazie per l’ottimo lavoro che svolgi.
Capisco e condivido il fatto che avere la mappa mondiale non sia utile alla maggior parte di noi utenti ma abitando a poche decine di km dal confine di stato tra Italia e Francia mi capita spesso di girovagare balzando di qua e di la. Per questo ti chiedo quando prevedi sia possibile tornare a scaricare le mappe scegliendo direttamente le piastrelle interessate?

grazie ancora per il tuo lavoro e se vorrai rispondermi.

well, even downloading countries is now failing : This request is #19478 in the queue. The delay is approximately 81.2 days."

I wish I could find somewhere very specific and clear step by step instructions how to generate your own Garmin files from the OSM maps. I find all kinds of pieces and parts on how to do it, but they always get fuzzy for some of the critical steps. At one time I managed after the better of a day struggle to generate a Garmin file in I don’t remember how many different steps with a whole bunch of utilities, but it was not a routable. Close, but no cigar. Yes, I have gone thru all the different websites mentioned here on the last few pages, but for me they are useless. For instance a limit of 500 MB for generating an OSM file does exactly nothing for me. I want a Garmin file that covers several countries, for instance Belgium - France - Spain -Portugal in one map.

To me it is very puzzling, there are so many Garmin users, why can what Lambertus did not be replicated by doing it manually. Yes, I read his description on the .NL website of how it is done but same old problem, to generic for somebody as ignorant me.

There have to be people that know how to do it and that can generate a very specific step by step procedure. I got close but in the end gave up.


That’s indeed not very easy as you might hit some size limits. I would use osmconvert, mkgmap, and splitter on a 64 bit OS with an 64 bit Java JRE (version 8 or higher). You probably need a system with 8G memory.
Here is one possible approach to create a routable map with address search:
a) download the listed country extract from geofabrik (on the same day)
b) download the files and from
c) use osmconvert to convert each to o5m format e.g.

osmconvert --drop-version belgium-latest.osm.pbf -o=belgium.o5m

d) use osmconvert to merge the o5m files

osmconvert belgium.o5m france.o5m spain.o5m portugal.o5m -o=merged.o5m

e) use splitter to split the input into tiles

java -Xmx5G -jar splitter-r615/splitter.jar --output-dir=tiles --max-nodes=1200000 merged.o5m

f) check the content of mkgmap-r4801/examples/sample.cfg, adapt the paths to and and review the other options
g) use mkgmap to create a map for PC and device:

java -Xmx5G -jar mkgmap-r4801/mkgmap.jar -c mkgmap-r4801/examples/sample.cfg -c tiles/template.args

If you want DEM data (hillshading) or contour lines in your map you need additional steps. Postpone this.
Before actually doing this with the complete data I suggest to start with just belgium.o5m or maybe a smaller extract (20 km around your home should be enough for this phase)
Repeat the mkgmap step to find the options that you really need. Maybe use a different style and typ file. See for details about the various options.
Ask for help in the mkgmap dev list : or in the Garmin forum

Great, much appreciated. This is a totally different way of accomplishing my goal. I started my country downloads. I will give it a shot today. As a minimum the number of steps compared to my earlier efforts is drastically less. Less to go wrong.

Again, thanks a lot.


Well, success. with a trial. I combined Belgium and Luxembourg and it worked. Routing seems to work as well. My 8 GB and 2GB swap file was not enough, but increasing the swap file to 5GB seemed to have done the trick. I started with the Powershell for the various commands, but it behaves itself weird. Although I changed directory to where my files were located Powershell could not find the files without a complete file path. Instead I went to the old CMD standby and that worked better. I got all kinds of error codes with the bounds / sealatest files when creating the img files, but it did not seem to matter for the end result.

Now off to creating the full NL-Portugal map.

Gerd, thanks a bunch. That was very helpful!!


You probably skipped step b) or f) : Make sure that the sample.cfg contains the actual full paths to the downloaded and

  • if you are not interested in sea (oceans) consider to comment the line precomp-sea
  • your really need a proper bounds configuration. It’s essential for various style rules

Yes, that was the problem. I changed the path in the cfg file, but did not notice the bounds and seas file name which needed fixing. Once that was fixed everything is now OK. I made the Netherlands to Portugal map with no problem. I took your procedure and added more info and details / links / files for my own use for the next time. I also made a batch file so I can do it all in one shot the next time. Once in a while the old DOS days come back into use.

This was soooo much easier then my previous (and failed) efforts.

Thanks for your followup.


Regarding the server problems: in the meantime you can also use the BBBike extract service for garmin extracts, see

Hope it helps and enjoy OpenStreetMap based maps for your garmin device!

Hello people,
I would like to download in Garmin GPSMAP new version of a map that covers Georgia country.

Before I generated it on the but now this site provide me to waited “The delay is approximately 232.5 days.” :open_mouth:

Can anyone help? :frowning:

p.s. Solution by is not good way for me as I am not a programmer.

Copied from a reply a few pages back.
Pick a site which works for you from here

Good one. Thanks.

Yesterday I went on to your system and created a map request for a UK map.

I received the confirmation email with the link to download the map.

When I follow the link it tells me “This request is #61783 in the queue. The delay is approximately 257.4 days.”

Surely that’s not correct - is it ?



@AndyBurnton Presumably you are referring to ? If so, I would ignore anything that you see there - the site is dead. Instead, please use somewhere from (as suggested on many of the 126 pages of the thread there ) instead.

Здравствуйте форумчане.
Подскажите пожалуйста, почему нигде не указано что можно загружать IMG сразу на флешку или внутреннюю память устройства. У меня GPSMAP64S и гармин нуви 3490, в обоих устройствах делаю так и все работает. ПОЧЕМУ все тут делают загрузку через дополнительные программы гармина? Зачем эти танцы с бубном?

After stopped working correctly I was looking a way to locally generate maps provided by them. I mean, there are other sources of OSM maps but somehow maps from visually looked the best, especially openfiest and generic routable (new style). Original style looks awful on basecamp IMHO.

I managed to find styles used by on but here was no instructions how to use them (just enabling style in mkgmap didn’t help).

Below are the steps that worked for me:

  1. Download desired country map in pbf format from or use to ekstract part that you like (beware of the size limit)
    2 . Create a working directory and enter it. Use spliter to split the pbf map
mkdir garmin-work; cd garmin-work
java -Xmx4000m -jar ../splitter-r645/splitter.jar ../croatia-latest.osm.pbf
  1. Download styles from
  2. Generate Openfiestsmap Light map for Basecamp using new styles and TYP (without TYP, styles doesn’t work, I don’t know why)
java -ea -Xmx4000m -jar ../mkgmap-r4836/mkgmap.jar --family-name="OSM HR Openfiets Light" --series-name="OSM HR Openfiets Light" --route --gmapi --style-file=../mkgmap-style-sheets-master/styles/ --style="Openfietsmap lite" --family-id=1001 -c template.args ../mkgmap-style-sheets-master/typ/Openfietsmap\ lite/20011.typ
  1. Generate Openfiestsmap Full map for Basecamp using new styles and TYP
java -ea -Xmx4000m -jar ../mkgmap-r4836/mkgmap.jar --family-name="OSM HR Openfiets Full" --series-name="OSM HR Openfiets Full" --route --gmapi --style-file=../mkgmap-style-sheets-master/styles/ --style="Openfietsmap full" --family-id=1002 -c template.args ../mkgmap-style-sheets-master/typ/Openfietsmap\ lite/20011.typ
  1. Generate Generic routing (new style) map for Basecamp using new styles and TYP
java -ea -Xmx4000m -jar ../mkgmap-r4836/mkgmap.jar --family-name="OSM HR-SLO-BIH Routable (new-style)" --series-name="OSM HR-SLO-BIH Routable (new-style)" --route --gmapi --style-file=../mkgmap-style-sheets-master/styles/ --style="generic new" --family-id=1003 -c template.args ../mkgmap-style-sheets-master/typ/osm\ generic\ new/2000.typ
  1. Copy all three .gmap directories to Basecamp map folder. On Mac it is /Users/user/Library/Application Support/Garmin/Maps
  2. Verify all maps in Basecamp
  3. Use Garmin Map Install to install maps to your GPS devices (GPSmap60Cx and Zumo XT on my side)
  4. If you don’t use Basecamp use --gmapsupp option in mkgmap instead of --gmapi and copy gmapsupp.img file directly to the Garmin or Map folder depending on your device.

Hope it helps…

Openfietsmap Light

Openfietsmap Full

Generic routing (new style)

Original generic routing ugly as hell

The TYP file is what determines the style. It tells the software that if it sees an object tagged as X, then make it look ‘this way’. Without a TYP file, the software would have to fall back on the default Garmin style to determine how an object should be displayed.